Ever since I can remember, music has determined who I am rather than what I do. I have been exposed to all types of music throughout my life. Rock & Roll has always come first. It has been quite a ride getting to Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Driven to several different places by this passion of mine, studied Sound Engineering and Production in Barcelona, lived in England, USA, Mexico City and now Cancun. Working as VIBE Manager for a place that has a very specific product that happens to be my fuel in life, is the most fun, fulfilling job ever. My day consists of transmitting this feeling, this culture, this rock bug into all of our guests. Music brings people together, it can set up entirely the mood of any venue, any situation, that´s exactly why Hard Rock has this position within their properties, someone 100% dedicated to the constancy and quality of our VIBE, which is what differentiates our brand. We take care of the music, the quality of audio, decor, lighting, making sure you jump into the Rockstar lifestyle having the environment around you to be your stage. At HRHC we have a wonderful location, with the most impressive Caribbean view, the most amazing rocker staff , and delicious flavors that can only be found on this side of the world. So welcome to what is going to be the record of this great experience. Ill be sharing tunes, pics, stories, events, everything that´s hot and happening here at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. ROCK ON! Pamela Hernández Vibe Manager HRHC ___________________________________________________________________ Desde que tengo memoria, la música ha determinado quién soy y no lo que hago. He estado expuesta a todo tipo de música durante mi vida, pero el Rock & Roll siempre ha ocupado el primer lugar. Ha sido una gran odisea llegar a Hard Rock Hotel Cancún. Esta pasión, me ha llevado a muchísimos lugares, estudié Ingeniería en Audio y Producción en Barcelona, viví en Inglaterra, EE.UU., Ciudad de México y ahora Cancún. Trabajar como Gerente de VIBE para un lugar que tiene un producto muy específico que resulta ser mi combustible en la vida, es el trabajo más satisfactorio y divertido. Mi día consiste en transmitir este sentimiento, esta cultura, contagiar el Rock a todos nuestros huéspedes. La música une a la gente, puede determinar por completo el estado de ánimo de cualquier lugar, cualquier situación, eso es exactamente por qué Hard Rock tiene este puesto de trabajo dentro de sus propiedades, alguien dedicado 100% a la constancia y la calidad de nuestro VIBE, que es lo que diferencia nuestra marca. Nosotros nos encargamos de la música, la calidad del audio, la decoración, la iluminación, asegurándonos de que ustedes se adentren al estilo de vida Rockstar con el ambiente a su alrededor como escenario. En HRHC tenemos un lugar maravilloso, con una impresionante vista del Caribe, el personal rocker más increíble y deliciosos sabores que sólo se pueden encontrar en este lado del mundo. Así que bienvenidos a lo que será el registro de esta gran aventura. Estaré compartiendo canciones, fotos, historias, eventos, todo lo que está pasando aquí en Hard Rock Hotel Cancún.

Guacamole Secrets Revealed, and other epic Mexican Recipes

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Embracing our special indoor activities here in Hard Rock Hotel Cancún, I would like to share with you the magic and secret recipes our talented chefs are teaching you as part of our Cooking Classes at Ciao and Zen restaurants.

We strongly believe, you´ll rock your soirees from now on with these Mexican basics, yet musts!  Stay tuned our Facebook and Twitter page for our activity schedule updates, as well as this blog to keep up with the neat stuff going on at our hotel.

You are welcome.

Diapositiva1 Diapositiva1 Diapositiva2

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“Imagine There´s no Hunger” Campaign!

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2013 1070 2013 1071 2013 1080 2013 1081 2013 1082IMAGINE THERE´S NO HUNGER

Once again, we are thrilled to activate one of our great philanthropy campaigns.

Taking place all throughout November and December, WhyHunger‘s global Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign, with Hard Rock International and Yoko Ono Lennon, is challenging the charitable approach to childhood hunger by working with grassroots partners to ensure that children have access to nutritious food today and for the rest of their lives by supporting long-term, sustainable solutions that rebuild local food and farm economies. It has helped communities grow enough food to provide over 7.2 million meals to children in 22 different countries. Partnered with 34 grassroots organizations to support programs that taught over 8,800 family and community members techniques for sustained food production for a future of free hunger. The campaign has raised more than $5.6 million to help fight childhood hunger.  Also, activated and educated thousands of supporters across the globe through #ImagineNoHunger

As for us in Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, we are traveling to schools in troubled communities, in order to feed as many kids as we can, and raise awareness to our local community to keep helping these amazing kids throughout.

We have been to 4 schools, located in the rural area of Cancun. feeding over 400 children and counting…

Check out these pictures of the products you can buy at our Rock Shop in order to help, as well as some pics of our visits.

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Pinktober ROCKS Hard Rock Hotel Cancun!

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Wow, Pinktober is Kicking!! We are having so many things going on at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, even our FedEx guy is joining the cause! So what are you doing for breast cancer awareness month?  Take a look at what we did for our Pink lighting ceremony, and the random things going on to support the cause!

We had 99 Pink balloons go byyyyyy


Our “Get in bed for the cause” display and the poster of Pink activities including Yoga, Walk, Volleyball and Memorabilia Pink Tour


Hard Rock Hotel Cancun´s official Pinktober Piggy Bank


We agreed: wherever there´s LED´s on our Motor Lobby they shall ALL be Pink!


 Ciao Restaurant Menu display


Press conference for our Pinktober Lighting Ceremony, with Madame Recamier throwing beats!


Prepping for our Pink Cocktail


Our Entertainment crew showing some moves!


 PINK mini Bar


Very cool Canape set up by our amazing chef Felipe


RockShop Rocking Staff offering our Pinktober Products and supporting the cause!


Our 99 Pink Balloons did go by… upon countdown to light up our faccade tattoos


Alfredo, our messenger, contributing buying one of our Pink bracelets!


Concierge staff walking him to Hard Rock Hotel Cancun´s Piggy Bank to deposit his contribution


Official Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Pinktober Tshirt


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You should learn a little about: Pearl Jam upcoming “Lightning Bolt”

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pearl jam

I am so happy for these guys. First of all because they´re my favorite band ever, of course I´m always awaiting for their next move,  to be honest “Pearl Jam” and “Backspacer” did not excite me as much, but… whoa! “Lightning Bolt” is giving me goose bumps already. I love the fact that it is coming out alongside their deal to soundtrack the World Series, the band is a huge fan of sports, and one of Eddie´s biggest passions. Kudos.

So far, only a couple singles have been released officially, however, there are a couple of live songs from the concert in Wrigley Field, which by the way, I´m listening on the background as I´m typing, ElderlyWomanBehindTheCounterInASmallTown is playing as I stare at the amazing Caribbean from the Breeze Terrace in Hard Rock Hotel Cancun… tears people…tears. In this concert, they are playing most of the new songs. So far, “Mind Your Manners” with its killer riffs, old school punk feel played by almost 50 something fellas that are in a place in life were everything is about reflection, epiphanies, appreciating life, just blows my mind. The beautiful lyrics of “Sirens”, with this kinda country feel, colored up with some grungy strokes… brilliant. don´t you think?

Apparently they came back to not being pressured trying to stay fresh and new, they are aging with grace, without losing their identity. I love the look on Eddie´s face as he is so looking forward for the World Series deal, like us teenagers had that look on our faces before one of his concerts, what moves you, what makes you a raving fan, he is going through that but at the same time, dealing with big losses from people that were very important in their life, being in his worst health condition last year, put him into a whole new perspective, I guess all prejudices and the things that blinded them when they keep trying so hard to please fans, labels, themselves, for me it felt like they had lost the essence of it, but its back, and hopefully for good.  I´m also impressed by the amount of work they all have with side projects, it takes a very focused, mature (musically speaking) band to be in 10 different creative bubbles and delivering each one to perfection, not a piece of cake kids!

You know that feeling when you know someone better than anyone else does? When you´ve grown up together, faced it all, highs and lows, you can definitely read that person, what took them to get wherever it is they are in life at that point, well, that´s how I´m feeling about PJ right now, I can read so many things in between the lines of this album, if you are big fans you know what I´m talking about, if not, trust me, this release is 100% from the heart, from their true Pearl Jam heart, raw, sensitive, like an open wound feels. Dig it, coming out October 15th!

In the meantime, watch Pearl Jam live from Wrigley Field

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