“Imagine There´s no Hunger” Campaign!

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2013 1070 2013 1071 2013 1080 2013 1081 2013 1082IMAGINE THERE´S NO HUNGER

Once again, we are thrilled to activate one of our great philanthropy campaigns.

Taking place all throughout November and December, WhyHunger‘s global Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign, with Hard Rock International and Yoko Ono Lennon, is challenging the charitable approach to childhood hunger by working with grassroots partners to ensure that children have access to nutritious food today and for the rest of their lives by supporting long-term, sustainable solutions that rebuild local food and farm economies. It has helped communities grow enough food to provide over 7.2 million meals to children in 22 different countries. Partnered with 34 grassroots organizations to support programs that taught over 8,800 family and community members techniques for sustained food production for a future of free hunger. The campaign has raised more than $5.6 million to help fight childhood hunger.  Also, activated and educated thousands of supporters across the globe through #ImagineNoHunger

As for us in Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, we are traveling to schools in troubled communities, in order to feed as many kids as we can, and raise awareness to our local community to keep helping these amazing kids throughout.

We have been to 4 schools, located in the rural area of Cancun. feeding over 400 children and counting…

Check out these pictures of the products you can buy at our Rock Shop in order to help, as well as some pics of our visits.

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Riot Fest Happens in Chicago and it Rocks!

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Riot Fest

riot-fest-20131 (1)

Chicago, Toronto and Denver

One day Ill be super rich and will dedicate the rest of my life to traveling chasing music fests. In the meantime, Ill be programming music for your delicate Rocker ears. That’s just as awesome, right? Anyway… I can´t even count how many festivals go through life without notice. Amazing lineups and activities in all of them. Today, I want you to check out this uber cool festival, called Riot Fest.

This festival takes place in three different cities, it started as a rather small festival however it showcased pretty rad bands like Dead Kennedys, Misfits and other punk mainstreamers. Then more activities and carnival-like stuff started happening along with these great bands, so they had to move to bigger venues. “We’re fans first, and our goal has always been simply to throw some unforgettable shows” as stated on their website, these guys put up a super cool and diverse lineup, Punk mainly, but a good taste of different genres and it started being a low budget thing, they were not pro´s doing concerts with a big production company backing them up, however, they got big as time went by, so they expanded to larger venues. Riot Mike, the organizer also managed to put bands back together for these presentations, like The Jesus and Mary Chain, WAX, etc. now they bring bands of the size of Blink 182, Pixies and Joan Jett.  So if you leave near Chicago, or youre gonna be there around September 13th- 15th you are one lucky egg.

Check out their website and the awesomeness of the lineups:


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