Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.

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As a true Stone Temple Pilots fan from a very early age, it punched me in the face when I heard Chester Bennington was joining the band.  I have mixed feelings but let´s keep it practical, here is a list of my first thoughts A)when I found out b)when I listened to it c)when I  researched about it d)Contrast of the above. I wanna know what you think as well, read through, it may seem like hating but I do respect both ends a lot, humble opinion here…

a) What first came to mind when I found out about it:

1. No wait, I read it wrong.

2. Another one bites the dust- Queen did the same, still not working.

3. Why is it that legendary bands keep doing this to themselves? Retire with dignity, I know you guys have gone through tough stuff with Scott and all, but if its over its over, you are good enough and respected enough to start another project, fresh and new, you don´t need a “Superstar” like what you did with Slash, which by the way I think it was great but not many people got it, it wasn’t evolutive enough.

4. Why is it that bands keep dragging “newer” artists to replace their frontmen? Like, it´s a totally different era, and its cool you wanna merge both and target a wider market but honestly, if you are here for the biz and not the music then use your millions to invest in a fill in the blank business, and don´t touch something so precious to thousands of people which rolls into a vicious circle because that´s what´s paying the bills in the first place, you are holding your own rope for the fall. First of all, who came up with the idea? I would love to hear about “the plan”. Kids nowadays won´t get it, if you are coming from an older model, but present  yourselves as a new project and you´ll have the best of both worlds, without sacrificing your reputation and quality, yet gaining new grounds.…….. Humble opinion.

5. I did love Hybrid Theory. Not sure how I feel about an all casted band, but its still good music and production. When I was like 14 and had this album playing all day, it made sense, troubled teenager, teenage sounding voice… but then merge it with a culture legend grunge band that was “smarter” sounding I guess, like… how about …no. I do respect him as a singer, his range is quite vast, great control.

b) What first came to mind when I listened to “Out of Time”

1. OMG is that Cartman singing?

2. Very Velvety-y Revolver-y Groove and structure, very true to STP of course. Oh here we go again, Velvet Revolver try #2.

3. Sounds good though, its actually a cool song, I would definitely program it at HRHC, I like the attitude, this formula always works for them, it´s cool, their signature. I like how it starts.

4.  Its pretty cool to hear Chester Bennington in a different setting, but his dynamic is exactly the same as ever. Doesn´t matter how many filters you put on his voice or how many times you do harmonies on top of bridges, it still sounds like the teenagy troubled voice from 2000. Which is fine, that´s LP´s sound. LP´S SOUND NOT STP. Ill admit though, his color is a lot like Scott´s, wide range, nice vibratos. I would probably be more into it if he did something completely different like sing in a lower range, or put a lot more make up on his kiddy tone than just a couple harmonies here and there.

5. Love the mix, love the drums, I can feel the passion and the “Come on, lets get back on track” type of feel. I can definitely tell how Chester is super excited and humbled about it.

C) When I researched about it…

They didn´t let their fans know, one day, Chester just came upstage and sang Vasoline, and everyone was like… what? They didn´t announce it, under the motto “Let the music do the talking” which is cool, I think it was very delicate to guess what was the best way. Both sides have a huge amount of respect for each other and that is always going to deliver a great product. They both belong to Warner, and I trust their decisions, so I guess they had to trust them as well. Chester says STP bring a sexier-classic rock type of vibe, LP is more modern and tech heavy which sometimes limits him cause it focuses a lot on the screaming rather than technique. Kudos to that. He also mentioned they do intend to be seen more out there together, and mold a good product from every angle…mneh…

D) Conclussion

Well, I guess the decision is risky, which is always good, I just think there were a lot more options to consider before this one, all points of view, musical, fan from hell, producer, business… Separately, I adore and respect both, lets hope 3rd try is the charm.

What do you think?!

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Memorabilia Tour and Dinner Guests

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As you know, every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. I host a pretty cool Memorabilia Tour and Dinner. I take you through all the pieces (depending on your time schedules) we own at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Fun and interesting facts about these pieces and their acquisiton, a journey through music and rock star stories. This past Tuesday I had the coolest guests, the Elmasri Family. They are all keen and passionate about music, they play different instruments, and were wearing the coolest lamb of god, etc. T-shirts whilst they were staying with us.

So Nadine and family, thank you so much  for joining me, I had a blast with you guys!

And to our future guests out there, come experience this one of a kind activity, embrace your inner Rockstar here at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun!!!

Elmasri Family

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