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As you know, every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. I host a pretty cool Memorabilia Tour and Dinner. I take you through all the pieces (depending on your time schedules) we own at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Fun and interesting facts about these pieces and their acquisiton, a journey through music and rock star stories. This past Tuesday I had the coolest guests, the Elmasri Family. They are all keen and passionate about music, they play different instruments, and were wearing the coolest lamb of god, etc. T-shirts whilst they were staying with us.

So Nadine and family, thank you so much  for joining me, I had a blast with you guys!

And to our future guests out there, come experience this one of a kind activity, embrace your inner Rockstar here at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun!!!

Elmasri Family

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  1. Nadine Elmasri
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    Pam!! Thanks for your wicked hospitality – we all had a blast. The memorobilia tour was AMAZING!! You really made our trip what it was. We’ll be back!!