Ever since I can remember, music has determined who I am rather than what I do. I have been exposed to all types of music throughout my life. Rock & Roll has always come first. It has been quite a ride getting to Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Driven to several different places by this passion of mine, studied Sound Engineering and Production in Barcelona, lived in England, USA, Mexico City and now Cancun. Working as VIBE Manager for a place that has a very specific product that happens to be my  fuel in life, is the  most fun, fulfilling job ever. My day consists of transmitting this  feeling, this culture, this rock bug into all of our guests. Music brings people together, it can set up entirely the mood of any venue, any situation, that´s exactly why Hard Rock has this position within their properties, someone 100% dedicated to the constancy and quality of our VIBE, which is what differentiates our brand. We take care of the music, the quality of audio, decor, lighting, making sure you jump into the Rockstar lifestyle having the environment around you to be your stage. At HRHC we have a wonderful location, with the most impressive Caribbean view, the most amazing rocker staff , and delicious flavors that can only be found on this side of the world.

Pamela Hernandez

So welcome to what is going to be the record of this great experience. Ill be sharing tunes, pics, stories, events, everything that´s hot and happening here at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.


Pamela Hernández

Vibe Manager HRHC

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