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I am so happy for these guys. First of all because they´re my favorite band ever, of course I´m always awaiting for their next move,  to be honest “Pearl Jam” and “Backspacer” did not excite me as much, but… whoa! “Lightning Bolt” is giving me goose bumps already. I love the fact that it is coming out alongside their deal to soundtrack the World Series, the band is a huge fan of sports, and one of Eddie´s biggest passions. Kudos.

So far, only a couple singles have been released officially, however, there are a couple of live songs from the concert in Wrigley Field, which by the way, I´m listening on the background as I´m typing, ElderlyWomanBehindTheCounterInASmallTown is playing as I stare at the amazing Caribbean from the Breeze Terrace in Hard Rock Hotel Cancun… tears people…tears. In this concert, they are playing most of the new songs. So far, “Mind Your Manners” with its killer riffs, old school punk feel played by almost 50 something fellas that are in a place in life were everything is about reflection, epiphanies, appreciating life, just blows my mind. The beautiful lyrics of “Sirens”, with this kinda country feel, colored up with some grungy strokes… brilliant. don´t you think?

Apparently they came back to not being pressured trying to stay fresh and new, they are aging with grace, without losing their identity. I love the look on Eddie´s face as he is so looking forward for the World Series deal, like us teenagers had that look on our faces before one of his concerts, what moves you, what makes you a raving fan, he is going through that but at the same time, dealing with big losses from people that were very important in their life, being in his worst health condition last year, put him into a whole new perspective, I guess all prejudices and the things that blinded them when they keep trying so hard to please fans, labels, themselves, for me it felt like they had lost the essence of it, but its back, and hopefully for good.  I´m also impressed by the amount of work they all have with side projects, it takes a very focused, mature (musically speaking) band to be in 10 different creative bubbles and delivering each one to perfection, not a piece of cake kids!

You know that feeling when you know someone better than anyone else does? When you´ve grown up together, faced it all, highs and lows, you can definitely read that person, what took them to get wherever it is they are in life at that point, well, that´s how I´m feeling about PJ right now, I can read so many things in between the lines of this album, if you are big fans you know what I´m talking about, if not, trust me, this release is 100% from the heart, from their true Pearl Jam heart, raw, sensitive, like an open wound feels. Dig it, coming out October 15th!

In the meantime, watch Pearl Jam live from Wrigley Field

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